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At Emotionally Intelligent Kids, we are strong believers that emotional intelligence is what will determine our children’s happiness and help them to thrive and succeed in life.  Our programs and activities are designed to help both parents and children engage in the complex world of human emotions and make sense of it so that they can become emotionally literate and blossom through life. We offer parenting workshops as well as one-on-one coaching to help parents navigate the ups and downs of family life and bring more connection, harmony and love. Book time today.

What parents are saying about EIK

“The Conscious Parenting workshops are a perfect way to take a step out of your (busy) daily life and reflect on your role as a parent. For me, it is always very helpful to do now and then, being a mother of 4 children.

The workshops give insight in the latest theory on parenting using an approach that is very refreshing and really touches me because it allows you to work in your own context and family values, regardless of which culture you come from, and doesn’t tell you what is right or wrong (so it doesn’t leave you with a feeling that you are doing many things wrong, which other parenting courses often do). Instead, it allows you to look at your own family setting with empathy for yourself, so that you can find the answers in yourself in order to deal with the things you are struggling with.

 I also love the link to our own childhood, as it is so powerful to learn from that and become aware of how past experiences play a role (often unconsciously) in how we act and feel today.

 The content of the workshop is very professional and well prepared by Audrey who has in-depth knowledge on the theory, as well as use a lot of her personal experiences to give inspiration and ideas.

What I like the most is the safe environment that is created to share experiences with other parents from a wide range of cultures, all having the same intent to raise happy and resilient children. This makes me leave each workshop with a feeling that it is actually really nice to feel that in a way we are in it together, do not need to be perfect, but can always learn from others and ourselves by taking the time to reflect. Thanks Audrey for organizing this for us, I hope you will reach many parents with your work.”  

IVZ (Mother of 4 children)

“The small group setting was very helpful in creating an environment in which we felt comfortable to listen and support one another. The course left me with plenty of useful ideas, including some really interesting insight that I continue to reflect on regularly. “

LN (Mother of 3 children)

“Audrey’s workshop was a relaxed, safe environment to learn how I could better connect with my child. One thing the course taught me was that I could strengthen this connection by setting aside any sense of superiority in our relationship.”

EO (Mother of 2 children)

“The Conscious Parenting workshop really changed my approach to parenting. Rather than jumping in with punishment, I now take a step back and try to see the need behind my children’s behaviour. I try to empathise with them and show more compassion. This approach has helped me create an even closer approach with my kids.”

ST (Mother of 2 children)