Parenting Workshops

Do you feel overwhelmed at times with how things are going at home?
Would you like to be more patient with your children?
Are you longing for more harmony in your family life?

Conscious parenting is a philosophy that challenges the old paradigms of parenting. It allows you to be conscious of your own experience, so that you can make mindful decisions on how you chose to react with your child.  It allows you to create the space for day-to-day interaction with your children with less frustration, screaming, name calling, blaming and shaming. It opens up the possibility of a family life with more connection, harmony and love.

Parenting Workshops include the following topics:

Brain and Emotions
  • How the Brain Works
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Reframing
  • Self Regulation
Understanding Yourself
  • The Circle of Security, Your Child’s Needs
  • Your Shark Music
  • Beliefs
  • Triggers
  • Healing Yourself
The Power of Connection & Active Listening
  • What is Connection?
  • Active Listening
  • Play and Laughter
  • Making Repairs
Coaching Instead of Controlling
  • What is Controlling?
  • The Truth About Punishment
  • Coaching Versus Controlling
  • Setting Empathic Limits
  • Making Amends
Siblings Fights