Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Become the best parent you can be 

“Self Awareness is the key to Self Mastery”

What is your parenting style? Understand how you can build on your strengths to meet your child’s needs and identify the challenges you need to address to become the best parent you can be.

The Emotionally Intelligent Kids journey

Identify your Personality Type

Complete the free online Ennagram assessment.

Understand your Parenting Style

Understand how your personality type influences your parenting style. Discover your strengths & challenges when it comes to meeting your child's needs. Define your parenting goals & strategies for growth.

Start your Growth Journey

Six one-on-one coaching sessions to monitor progress and work through challenges.

Become a Peaceful Parent

Increase your self-awareness. Become the parent you want to be. Bring harmony to your family life.